Doss Souls: A Dossier on Speedruns, Dossing, and Dark Souls 

Essay by Aidan Wall, 2014.

2 Colour, Double-sided A3 risograph print, folded and presented in an A6 tracing-paper envelope.

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"… if the epistemology of art is truly changing to fit the sensibilities of the middle class, why isn’t any art reflecting the huge (middle class) cultural phenomenon of live-streaming video games over the internet? Game audiences are increasingly becoming more interested in watching others play video games, than playing them themselves. The live-streamers and content producers I am particularly interested in are the speedrunning community. Speedrunning is the act of attempting to complete a videogame as quickly as possible; it’s a slow process based on practice and mastery of one’s chosen game. It is the most industrious form of dossing: a repetitious, difficult form of play which borrows unknowingly from Taylorism."

Slán Abhaile: On the Site Specificity of ‘Gone Home’ 

Essay by Aidan Wall, 2014

Hand-bound, A5 12 page zine on pale pink paper.

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"The feeling while playing the game of almost being the protagonist but not quite, echoes Kaitlin’s feelings of arriving at a different home to the one she left. The term ‘empathy game’ has become a buzzword around independent game development over the past couple of years; this supposed genre could be aligned with Gone Home, but the game’s experience isn’t directed towards understanding Kaitlin Greenbriar at all, rather, it offers a husk of a character to inhabit during the game’s progression. Just as Kaitlin does, players invade this extraordinary space, each one a stranger in their own home."

'Doss Souls' 

Video, Runtime: 5:55 mins

Video playing on Xbox 360, Hand-constructed bench, Hand-constructed Table.

Installation view as part of NCAD Degree Show 2014.

Installation view of performance site,

National College of Art and Design Graduate Show 2014.